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You're engaged - congratulations!  

I know planning your day can be a bit overwhelming but you should also try to enjoy the whole experience too. 

How I work...

I shoot what I see as it happens - that means all the action, the laughs, the tears, emotion and the PARTY.  I don't tend to set anything up apart confetti, if you're having it and the group shots, if you want any.  It's your day so do it your way.   Keeping your couple portraits as relaxed and fun as possible I position, not pose.  I will heckle and probably tell you some really bad jokes to get those natural smiles and laughs.  

I can 100% guarantee there will be NO tree hugging!


I do love a good party - I tend to bound in to make forever friends with everyone there, I'll blend in with your guests, have at least 1 BFF before I leave and I'm not adverse to joining in with shots - as long as I'm not driving of course - by the evening you'll usually find me on the dance floor capturing all the action AKA evidence.  

I’m lucky enough to be a full time Wedding Photographer and as I love to meet new people this job means I get to spend my time with really happy couples and their amazing friends and families. 

The taking photos bit is fun too! 

 I have a completely different site for my weddings which you can find here or click on the options below!

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