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Sitter sessions 

Your Baby will change the most in their first year more than they ever will in their entire lives and you only have one chance to capture this incredible change.  


My sitter session's takes place when your little one is sitting confidently unaided which is usually between 6 and 10 months old (but every child is different) and is the perfect bridge between their newborn session and their 1st birthday cake smash.

This age is so perfect to capture because their personalities are really shining through, find everything funny and once they start crawling they will gradually lose some of their squishy rolls too!   This is a really simple session to help you remember every beautiful detail.

If you are considering a 1st birthday cake smash then a sitter session can really help your little one get comfortable in front of the camera meaning that they relax more for their cake smash and those smiles come a lot more naturally!

Deposit is taken at every booking in order to secure your session & cake order.  This is non refundable due to the limited spaces in the studio.  

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